Oracle API Management Workshop

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    • 27-04-2021: 10:00 - 17:00
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API platforms enable enterprises to accelerate innovation, provide shared services and data, and adapt to market and customer needs. APIs have become the foundation of the fast-moving digital economy.

As customer expectations increase, companies need to be able to meet those demands with flexible and scalable technology.

Oracle’s API Platform Cloud Service offers full life cycle API management: planning, design, implementation, publication, operation, consumption, maintenance and retirement of APIs. It includes a developers’ portal to target, assist and govern the communities of developers who embed the APIs, as well as runtime management and analytics, all built on top of a mature gateway used by telecommunication companies for a decade.

The Oracle API Platform Cloud Service provides key features of API platform:

    • Building APIs – Creating an API on top of a service that, for example, accesses data formerly locked inside monolithic applications. The platform facilitates rapid API construction with run ready policies for controlling usage of APIs.
    • Securing APIs – Assigning industry standard securities to APIs with no coding, just selection of established security protocols. Seamless integration with existing enterprise identity management systems make authentication simple.
    • Deploying APIs – Once the APIs are created, they’re deployed to an API gateway for usage with one click. Gateways can run in the Oracle Cloud or on premises, close to backend services;
    • Publishing APIs – Documentation can be auto generated while the API is being developed;
    • Consuming APIs – Centralized location for finding and learning about available APIs. Simple approach to register applications so they can utilize APIs;
    • Monitoring APIs – Instant visibility into operational metrics on usage and API business key performance indicators.


    • Basic Knowledge of RESTful and SOAP-based Web Services
    • Trial Account with access in Oracle Cloud PaaS for Oracle Integration Cloud (Mandatory)

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  • 10:00 uur Begin Sessie
  • 17:00 uur Eind Sessie
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